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12 June 2014

OMEGA Celebrates the Grand Opening of Its Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Boutique with ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial Exhibition


Today, Swiss luxury watch brand Omega celebrated the official opening of its boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store. Mr. Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA and Mr. Wilson Yang, Vice President of OMEGA China attended the opening ceremony together with Mrs Liu Bing, Chairman of Beijing Wangfujing Department Store (Group) Co., Ltd., Mrs. Liu Geng, Vice President of the Hengdeli Group Limited Retail Business and famous actor Mr. Wu Xiubo. Meanwhile, OMEGA is presenting “A Tale of Perfection” Co-Axial Exhibition, revealing an innovation that has revolutionized mechanical watchmaking in recent decades. Accompanied by a melodious jazz band, OMEGA also shared with VIP and media guests its perfect taste at the gala dinner later that night.

OMEGA Opens Boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

Wangfujing Department Store is located in the central fashion culture district of Beijing. Its favourable location and enduring historical demeanour have attracted a cluster of international luxury brands. Within the profound cultural and business centre environment, the new OMEGA boutique is committed to an unparalleled “watch palace” that conveys the brand’s full range of products and rich brand connotation to watch connoisseurs, enthusiasts, and collectors.


President of OMEGA Stephen Urquhart said: “As a brand with brilliant watchmaking tradition, OMEGA has always drawn inspiration from history and built the future based on its heritage. We know the new OMEGA boutique in Beijing Wangfujing Department Store will be a great place for aficionados to explore the world of OMEGA, letting all visitors fully appreciate over 165 years of the glorious history of OMEGA in the field of top watchmakers and the brilliant watchmaking tradition for centuries. ”


The boutique implements OMEGA’s global concept in terms of decoration: concise and elegant layout, comfortable and soft lighting, and serving guests in a perfect environment. The boutique carries the most comprehensive selection of OMEGA products, including the four major world-renowned watch collections: Constellation, Seamaster, De Ville, and Speedmaster, as well as the Fine Jewelry and Fine Leather goods. A team of specially trained sales associates will also offer an elegant and comfortable shopping experience for watch aficionados.


 ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial Exhibition deduces the way of Pioneering and exploration

Before the unveiling of OMEGA Beijing Wangfujing Department Store Boutique, President of Omega Stephen Urquhart gave a short guided tour of ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial exhibition. 


The displays in this exhibition reveal the fascinating evolution of the exclusive OMEGA Co-Axial escapement. In 1999, OMEGA introduced Co-Axial movement 2500, equipped with the Co-Axial escapement,  the first practical new watch escapement in 250 years; in 2007, OMEGA launched the first in-house Co-Axial calibre 8500/8501, which marked the maturity of Co-Axial technology and another milestone in OMEGA’s Co-Axial revolution. In 2011, OMEGA introduced Co-Axial calibre 9300/9301, the first of OMEGA’s Co-Axial calibres to incorporate a chronograph function. In 2013, OMEGA unveiled the world’s first truly anti-magnetic watch movement and in 2014, the “Master Co-Axial Calibre” continues to meet watchmaking’s greatest challenges.


 ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial Exhibition presents a number of OMEGA's exquisite timepieces, including the most representative watches in the Co-Axial technology revolution from OMEGA Museum. Also on display are the latest watches equipped with ground-breaking Master Co-Axial calibres, as well as Co-Axial calibre components like Co-Axial escapement wheels, Co-Axial regulated balances, and the Co-Axial pallet. The exhibition commemorated OMEGA’s state-of-the-industry technology and its remarkable achievements in the Co-Axial revolution.


OMEGA ‘A Tale of Perfection’ Co-Axial Exhibition will be open to public until June 22, 2014, presenting OMEGA’s Co-Axial calibres through a series of guided tours and dazzling displays of the watch movements considered to be among the best in the world.