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27 August 2014

OMEGA revolutionises art of watchmaking with cutting-edge anti-magnetic movement at Master Co-Axial luncheon event


There was plenty of magnetic allure as OMEGA, the Swiss luxury watch brand, unveiled the wonder of its anti-magnetic watch movements at an exclusive Master Co-Axial luncheon event at sky100, the highest indoor observation deck in Hong Kong. The event was a unique master class in innovative anti-magnetic technology as OMEGA Vice President Product & Customer Service Jean-Claude Monachon gave guests a first-hand look at how OMEGA is solving the longstanding challenge of ensuring that the proper functioning of its mechanical watches is not affected by magnetism.

To experience for themselves the effects of magnetism, guests were able to dramatically visualise the magnetic field surrounding them as they walked through a tunnel at the event. Magnetic fields emitted by the guests’ belongings, such as smartphones, were detected and translated into a stunning display of particle mass along the tunnel walls. The experience gave guests a deeper understanding of the effects of magnetism and the importance of OMEGA’s revolutionary anti-magnetic movements.

During the luncheon event, guests learned more about what OMEGA is doing to protect its mechanical movements from magnetic fields in a presentation by Jean-Claude Monachon and were also treated to a spectacular “magnetic” dance performance designed to showcase the fluid movements and varying intensity of magnetic fields.

“OMEGA’s revolutionary anti-magnetic movement is another technological milestone in our longstanding tradition of precision watchmaking,” Jean-Claude Monachon said. He added, "Meeting the challenge of the effect of magnetic fields on watches effectively solved a problem that has perplexed clock- and watchmakers for centuries."

The luncheon was followed by an exclusive boutique event with OMEGA's special guests, award-winning actor Simon Yam and celebrity model Jennifer Tse at the Empire Centre Boutique which was just opened early this year. Both renowned as luxury watch connoisseurs, Simon Yam and Jennifer Tse were eager to see first-hand the effect of magnetism on their mechanical watches and were suitably impressed by the benefits of OMEGA’s cutting-edge anti-magnetic technology and the beauty of its watch movements.

The new Empire Centre Boutique at 68 Mody Road in Tsimshatsui features a generous display and a 191-square-metre sales area. It offers customers the opportunity to explore the full range of OMEGA watches and fine jewellery. A haven for watch aficionados amidst the hustle of Kowloon, the Empire Centre Boutique offers customer an elegant and comfortable shopping environment.

To round off the event, all celebrities and OMEGA management toasted the success of the Master Co-Axial collections. Through the official launch of this prestigious calibre in the market, OMEGA is planning to extend the use of Master Co-Axial movements in most of its collections. With the brand’s long history of innovative spirit, OMEGA is looking forward to enriching its product lines with an ever-greater number of stunning timepieces.

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