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30 September 2014

OMEGA presents the Great Adventure of Master Co-Axial in Utsunomiya's Oya Stone Museum


On Tuesday, 30 September, the prestige Swiss watch brand OMEGA welcomed guests to a luxurious party in the Oya Stone Museum, which is located in an enormous underground space in Utsunomiya City. The event, “The Great Adventure of Master Co-Axial”, commemorated the full-scale launch of the brand's Master Co-Axial calibres in Japan.

OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart and Jean-Claude Monachon, the brand's Vice President of Product and Customer Service were on hand to welcome guests and to talk about the significance of OMEGA's Master Co-Axial technology. The new calibres are resistant to magnetic fields in excess of 15,000 gauss (1.5 tesla) and are completely unaffected by exposure to the increasing number of magnets found in everyday items like cell phones, household appliances and clasps on handbags.

The event was held in a special, 30-metre deep space as large as the Tokyo Dome. OMEGA presented four luxurious display areas, the Watch Display Zone, the Passage Zone, the Presentation Zone and the Dinner Zone, and invited about 200 guests including celebrities, the media and boutique customers.

In the Watch Display Zone, OMEGA welcomed guests into a mysterious atmosphere with some displays inspired by Master Co-Axial as well as by magnetic fields, large-scale visual art and the watch collections equipped with the innovative new calibres.

In the the Passage Zone, the OMEGA logo was projected on the way leading to the Presentation Zone where guests enjoyed a one-night special performance by Orientalism, a Japanese performance team that focuses on the uniqueness and spirit of Japanese traditional culture through physical movement and rhythm.

Following the performance,  Jean-Claude Monachon demonstrated the OMEGA Master Co-Axial calibre and showed that exposure to powerful magnetic fields had no lasting effect on the performance of the watches.

Popular Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano proposed a toast and made a short welcoming speech to the guests.
While they were dining, the guests enjoyed the live music of the NHK Symphony Orchestra and a performance by countertenor/sopranist Slava, who has been praised internationally for his otherworldly “diamond voice”.