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9 August 2015

Aquatic athletes dazzle at the 16th FINA World Championships – Kazan


Most of the world’s top aquatic athletes competed in the 16th FINA World Championships in Kazan, Russia, where performances were outstanding and records fell. OMEGA was responsible for the timekeeping and data handling in all of the sports contested at the Championships.

Among the stars in Kazan were American sensation Katie Ledecky, whose five gold medals included three world record performances, and OMEGA brand ambassador Chad Le Clos. The South African recorded his best ever time in the 100-metre butterfly, taking the gold medal and setting up a much anticipated rivalry with fellow OMEGA ambassador Michael Phelps who, on the same day, claimed the 100-metre butterfly title in the U.S. National Championships. Le Clos also won silver in the 200-metre butterfly.

OMEGA’s cutting-edge technology

OMEGA is responsible for the timekeeping and data handling and has also been behind the development of much of the key technology used to ensure that the competitors’ results are recorded perfectly. The key devices are the Quantum Aquatic Timer, the iconic touch pads that are a familiar sight at the end of each lane, the starting blocks with their false start detection systems and high-speed video cameras.   

OMEGA is also behind the on-screen graphics that enhance the viewing experience for fans enjoying the competitions on TV and the popular virtual record line, which indicates how close a leader is to setting a new world record. 

OMEGA’s Live Timing website here gives the global audience access to each competitor’s details as well as the ranking, the split times, and information on any records that might have been set or broken.

There were also some recently-introduced innovations including the backstroke ledge, which improves the start push and trajectory of swimmers entering the water, and lap counters placed at the bottom of the pool in 800m and 1500m competitions.

The virtual animations OMEGA has brought to diving are now also among the most popular and useful technologies in support of aquatic sport.  

A strong aquatic partnership

OMEGA has enjoyed a partnership with FINA, the federation that governs aquatic sports around the world, which dates back to 1973.

OMEGA is widely regarded as one of the world's leading sports timekeepers and its long-term association with FINA means that it will serve talented aquatic athletes at all of FINA's key events including the FINA World Championships, which feature long-course swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, open water swimming, diving and high-diving.