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16 September 2015

Nicole Kidman officially opens OMEGA’s “Her Time” Exhibition in Milan


With stunning vintage timepieces on display, as well as some timeless advertising, the exhibition proudly displays OMEGA’s enduring commitment to women over the past 100 years.

Known for her beauty, passion and incredible on-screen success, OMEGA brand ambassador Nicole Kidman was the perfect candidate to officially open OMEGA’s celebratory exhibition in Milan entitled  “Her Time”.

Speaking to guests, the actress mentioned her love for both the exhibition, and the city where it is held.

"It’s wonderful to be here. I’ve just come from London where I opened my play two nights ago, and this is absolutely beautiful. I’ve been with OMEGA for 10 years now. I’ve seen many countries, and of course I’m now back in Milan, Italy, which is my second favourite country in the world. I’ve always said this is the place I call my second home, so I’m so glad to be back."

Together with OMEGA president Stephen Urquhart, the Oscar-winning actress was the first person to explore the wonderful items on display at La Triennale di Milano, covering more than 100 years of OMEGA’s devotion to ladies’ watchmaking.

President of OMEGA, Stephen Urquhart, also gave his thoughts about the exhibition.

“I say this in all modesty. There’s not one other brand that could present such a unique collection of ladies’ watches as OMEGA. So I’m very proud, and especially to have Nicole here as spokesperson for our ladies’ collection and to open our exhibition.”

OMEGA’s journey with women has been a synchronised story of time and fashion. No matter the decade, the brand has always kept step with society’s many changing attitudes and styles.

To bring this heritage to life, “Her Time” proudly displays many iconic OMEGA timepieces, from early Lèpine pendants to the revolutionary Ladymatic that is still a timepiece of incredible beauty and innovation. Other time periods are also covered including 1920’s Art Déco as well as Jewellery watches from the 1960s and 70s.

Along with the watches themselves, viewers are able to discover many examples of vintage artwork and OMEGA advertising, all of which show women in a variety of lifestyles. Whether on evenings out or engaged in sport, the images show that OMEGA has always been able to capture the true essence of women.

The elegant, white and gold themed exhibition space is 27 x 9 metres, with different sections dedicated to the changing periods of time. The timepieces and artworks are interspersed with props and memories, while overhead; a floating plume of white material delicately wavers above.

The exhibition is now open to the public until the 25th of September and is certainly not to be missed.


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