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16 September 2015

Nicole Kidman joins OMEGA in Milan for a special celebration of women


Looking back at more than 100 years of ladies’ watchmaking with a memorable evening in Europe’s home of fashion.

As a brand ambassador since 2005, Nicole Kidman marked her 10th anniversary with OMEGA by joining the brand for a special celebration of women, reflecting on more than 100 years of ladies’ watchmaking.

For over a century, OMEGA has shown a deep commitment to making stunning women’s watches, with beauty dedicated to both the inside and outside of every timepiece.

This year, that unique heritage is being brought to life and celebrated like never before, starting with this special evening at the Palazzo del Ghiaccio in Milan on September the 16th. The launch event brought together the many threads of OMEGA’s long history and devotion to women and their watches.

In attendance were a range of guests from around the world including many of Italy’s finest on-screen talents including actress Vittoria Puccini, and actors Claudio Santamaria and Luca Calvani.

Defined by elegance, success and beauty, the Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman was also there as the main guest of honour, taking to the stage to offer her own thoughts about OMEGA and its relationship with time.

“In everything I’ve done with OMEGA, they have shown extraordinary integrity, and that’s important in this day and age. Their watches are the same, and I’ve learned so much about the technology and history. They’ve adapted and evolved with the times. As you can see tonight, it’s truly unbelievable.”

As a busy woman herself, she also gave her own thoughts on the topic of time.

“There are many things you can buy in life but you can’t buy time. It’s so precious. It’s important to cherish each moment and to stay in that moment. People say it goes fast, and it truly does.”

As guests arrived, they were able to see some of OMEGA’s history for themselves, with an array of OMEGA ladies’ watches on display. These ranged from early Art Déco creations to the Ladymatic that has today become an icon of beauty and innovation.

As Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA, welcomed guests, he spoke of the brand’s history and the proud partnership between OMEGA and Nicole Kidman.

“When it comes to the creation of women’s watches, OMEGA truly stands out. No matter the decade, we’ve always been able to enhance ladies’ fashion with beauty and innovation. The words ‘brand ambassador’ sound so technical.  Nicole is much more than that. She’s part of our family. She is a beautiful actress with a warm personality which makes her a great fit for OMEGA.”

This special OMEGA event is just the beginning of the brand’s celebration of women. Also in Milan, “Her Time” is an exhibition dedicated to OMEGA’s history of ladies watchmaking. Online, the brand is also showcasing its heritage with many features and stories. This includes “Time For Her”, an online diary for women that includes interviews, portraits and inspiration from around the world.