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18 September 2015

Garance Doré partners with OMEGA for the new “Time for Her” women’s diary


The renowned fashion blogger, illustrator and photographer creates some of the very first OMEGA articles written exclusively for women.

This year, OMEGA is celebrating its long commitment to ladies watchmaking and the many milestones that have contributed to enhancing women’s fashion. One of the exciting features is the new “Time For Her” section of the OMEGA website. This captivating diary will be updated weekly, with new features dedicated to women, as well as OMEGA’s own inspiring moments and icons.

During September, the French fashion blogger Garance Doré will be penning many of the featured articles, adding her own unique views and insights.

As an illustrator, she has been particularly fascinated by OMEGA’s design history and vintage posters from artists such as René Gruau. She has also found her “dream watch” in the OMEGA Ladymatic. These topics, along with others, are written about with her typical elegance and flair.

On her collaboration with OMEGA, Garance Doré says that she felt honoured to be involved.

“It has been both intriguing and inspiring to research the history of OMEGA and women. It’s a very empowering story and I have felt very privileged to be given the opportunity to write about it.”

When asked what she found most interesting, Garance said:
“I loved reading about the history of Jewellery secret watches. It was once considered rude for women to look at their watches, which is why OMEGA created pieces of jewellery with a watch hidden inside. That was a fascinating story to reveal to readers.”

The “Time for Her” diary is now live online and available in 12 different languages. And along with the articles from Garance Doré, readers are bound to find many more revealing moments that delve into OMEGA’s 100 year commitment to women and their watches.

Discover the women’s diary “Time For Her” here.