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26 February 2016

OMEGA presents TERRA in Shanghai


The important message of the film continues to travel the world, now making its premiere to special guests in China.

A special film screening of TERRA has been hosted at the Jing An Kerry Center Premiere Cinema in Shanghai, China.The 90-minute film, a collaboration between OMEGA and GoodPlanet,draws attention to the many living species on Earth, particularly humans and wild animals, and urges people to shoulder the responsibility of sharing our planet wisely and preserving nature.

The film was directed by renowned film makers Yann Arthus-Bertrand and Michael Pitiot. At the event in Shanghai, Mr Pitiot joined guests and shared his experiences of filming in the Okavango Delta in Botswana.

“I am honored to participant in the making of Terra. In order to capture the beauty of the earth, we have worked with photographers from around the globe and received many rare images and recorded them in this film. I am truly grateful to OMEGA for its support given to this film and to environment protection. I hope Terra will raise the public’s environmental awareness, and together take the responsibility to protect our home, the earth.”

The film will now continue to be shown around the world as its beautiful images and unique story are not to be missed.

Learn more about OMEGA's partnership with GoodPlanet Foundation here.


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