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15 July 2016

Japan greets "Deep Black"


OMEGA's new Planet Ocean collection is unveiled in Tokyo

Huge cruise ships from all over the world stop at Yokohama's International Passenger Terminal just outside of Tokyo, but at the launch of OMEGA's new Planet Ocean collection, the attention was on something more suited to beneath the waves.
A combination of divers' watch and GMT, the new Planet Ocean "Deep Black" was the centre of attention at Osanbashi.

"Deep Black" is the star attraction of the new Planet Ocean collection, which embraces innovative new materials like ceramic, rubber, Liquidmetal®, 18k Sedna™ gold and OMEGA Ceragold™.

Tested at the industry's highest level, each watch has a Master Chronometer certification and is resistance to magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss.

In the next few months the collection will be available at OMEGA Boutiques.