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18 September 2016

OMEGA times 432 new records at the Paralympic Games


After 11 days of competition, the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro have finished with an impressive number of new records. As the Official Timekeeper of every event, OMEGA was proud to be behind the clock to measure and determine the remarkable achievements of the athletes.

In total, 220 new World Records were set. On top of this, 212 Paralympic Games records were also broken. The majority of these moments were seen in Athletics, Track Cycling, Swimming, Powerlifting, Archery, Shooting and Rowing.

To ensure that precision was at its utmost standard, OMEGA was present in Rio with 250 timekeepers along with 350 tonnes of timekeeping equipment. Most importantly, the brand deployed the very same equipment and processes it used during the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to ensure the same high level of reliability.

 One addition to the timekeeping technology for the Paralympic Games was the use of flashing lights in some swimming events. For selected disciplines in which athletes have a hearing impairment, OMEGA used the lights both integrated into the starting block and beside the starting block to signal the start of a race.

 With the Paralympic Games now complete, OMEGA leaves Rio having successfully timed another edition of the event. As always, the athletes, judges and spectators were served with unquestionable excellence and commitment.


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