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21 September 2016

Garance Doré joins OMEGA in New York


A celebration of women’s watchmaking with some very inspirational words

In its continuing celebration of women’s watchmaking, OMEGA has hosted a special dinner at Gary’s Loft Manhattan in New York City, with Garance Doré as the main guest of honour. The cocktail event, aptly called “Her Journey Through Time” gave guests an intriguing insight into OMEGA’s watchmaking heritage.

Garance Doré, the French illustrator, photographer and writer spoke to VIP guests about her admiration for OMEGA and the way in which she first came to know the brand. With a passion for vintage artwork, Doré was drawn into OMEGA’s world via the classic brand advertisements created by René Gruau. From there, she became fascinated by stylish OMEGA timepieces such as the Ladymatic and the way in which they connect with today’s fashion.

Since 2015, OMEGA has been celebrating over 100 years of its women’s watchmaking, which has always been renowned for its striking craftsmanship and innovation. Garance Doré was part of the main event last year in Milan and was happy to be alongside the brand again. “I have had a connection with watches since a young age when my mother gifted me a timepiece so I would remember her every time I looked at it. Since then I’ve had an appreciation for watches and am pleased to be partnering with OMEGA to celebrate their heritage in ladies timepieces.”

Listening to every word was an impressive guest list of NYC VIPs. They were also treated to a showcase of vintage OMEGA timepieces that spanned unique models such as Art Deco and Secret Jewellery Watches. There was also a selection of the latest OMEGA ladies’ watches for guests to admire and try on.

Fashion, food and inspirational words. The perfect way to spend an evening in New York.