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24 October 2016

Garance Doré joins OMEGA in Shanghai


A day to remember, with a celebration dinner and an exhibition tour

To celebrate its history of vintage timepieces and prestigious women’s watches, OMEGA has hosted a very special day in Shanghai alongside the popular French illustrator, photographer and writer – Garance Doré.

On Monday night, Garance was the guest of honour at a memorable dinner at the Peninsula Hotel. She was joined by a list of VIP guests and media invitees who were all given an intriguing insight into OMEGA’s watchmaking heritage.  As well as getting a close-up view of some very beautiful timepieces, they also heard from Garance herself, who spoke about her admiration for OMEGA and her love for their classic watches.

"To me, a watch is the most precious piece of jewellery. OMEGA watches are so beautiful and the brand's long history is very intriguing. OMEGA has collaborated with many famous artists and illustrators throughout history including my idol Rene Gruau. Also, back in the early 20th century, when it was not polite for women to look at the time in public, OMEGA launched many secret jewellery watches that allowed them to check the time discretely. It's a great testimony that proves OMEGA's enduring commitment to women."

Garance has been a close friend of OMEGA during the past year and has enthusiastically joined the brand on several occasions to talk about vintage timepieces. As an expert on women’s fashion, she has always been impressed by the beauty and striking craftsmanship of OMEGA’s most elegant products. She is also a fan of OMEGA’s vintage advertisements, created by famous illustrators such as René Gruau.

Earlier in the day, Garance also visited OMEGA’s “Her Time” exhibition, currently showing until October 30th at the Power Station of Art Museum in the city’s Huangpu District. Through a collection of artworks and rare timepieces, the exhibition highlights exactly what the French writer loves so much about the OMEGA brand.

In OMEGA’s continuing celebration of its women’s watchmaking, this special day with Garance Doré in Shanghai has certainly been a very memorable occasion.


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