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12 September 2001

Sir Peter Blake announces in Rio de Janeiro the beginning of the second


On board of the Seamaster, the crew, headed by her New Zealand skipper, is due to arrive at Belem Do Grao Para on October the 2nd.

Rio de Janeiro (BRA), September 12, 2001 - OMEGA's world ambassador, Sir Peter Blake has announced today in Rio de Janeiro the beginning of the second leg of "blakexpeditions"

- an expedition sponsored by this Swiss watches manufacturer, which intends to roam, in five years, the world's most important ecosystems, promoting an awareness campaign about the importance of preserving the planet's waters - in the Brazilian territory. "The tall ship Seamaster is due to arrive at Belem do Grao Para on October the 2nd and three weeks later at Manaus, the starting point to explore the Amazon and Negro rivers as far as the Orinoco, in Venezuela", declared Sir Peter Blake, reminding that "we are going to places never visited before, never photographed before".

For this New Zealand navigator, who has won the most important sailing awards of the world, such as the America's Cup - a competition in which he does not intend to participate again -, the "blakexpeditions" is a "heart's project" whose main purpose is to take the message of how important the environment's preservation is to the "largest possible number of people world-wide".

After sailing off from Auckland, New Zealand, on November the 11th last year, the tall ship Seamaster, named after an OMEGA's watches line used by her crew, including the divers, the "blakexpeditions" proceeded to the Tierra del Fuego, and explored the whole of the Antarctic Peninsula. "This expedition so far has been the best experience in my life", declared Sir Peter Blake, underlining that he "is very anxious to visit the Amazonian area".

Apart from OMEGA, which sponsors the expedition, Sir Peter Blake stressed that he has been given a lot of other support, such as from an American billionaire operating in the computer industry who for a while joined the Seamaster's crew. Without revealing this businessman's name, Sir Peter Blake informed that he still dedicates 30 % of his time working for the "blakexpeditions"

Sir Peter Blake declared that, just like this businessman, any person, anywhere in the world, could make his/her contribution for the environment's preservation. "It is enough to stop, for instance, throwing plastic into rivers and the sea". Just like the Seamaster's crew, that on their Antarctic expedition did not leave behind any waste in that region. Apart from the sewage treatment equipment, Sir Peter Blake declared that "all the oils and plastic were kept on board".


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