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1 February 2001

Bob World Cup in St. Moritz Powerful presence in the OMEGA bob


The Olympia bob run in St. Moritz is one of the most challenging in Europe and one of the most beautiful too. For many years, OMEGA has been Official Timekeeper to the Bobsleigh World Cup in St. Moritz. This year, for the first time in history, two IOC members rushed down the bob run as part of the popular taxi trips organised by OMEGA for its celebrities. Prince Albert from Monaco and OMEGA Testimonial Alex Popov, quadruple European Champion, Double Olympic Champion and World Champion in freestyle swimming, were piloted down the run by Christian Meili and Adri Testorelli from the Swiss bobsleigh team. "We kept an incredible pace. But I am sure Alex is not really all that interested in that sort of thing," said Prince Albert laughing with Alex, who took a deep breath and recounted his experience as if describing a neck-and-neck race in his discipline. "For me it was a great adventure. However, I prefer liquid water rather than frozen. Only swimming is better than bobsleigh" he added mischievously.


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