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25 March 2001

OMEGA opens a special exhibition of its new De Ville with Co-Axial Escapement.


Nicolas G. Hayek, Chairman and CEO of the Swatch Group, today opened an exhibition of OMEGA's revolutionary new De Ville watches with Co-Axial Escapement to a small number of special guests at the Swatch Group Plaza in front of the OMEGA stand at the International Watch Show in Basel. The inauguration was also attended by OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart, together with OMEGA's ambassador for Hong Kong, fashion model Qi Qi. <br/>

The exhibition, which is open until Thursday 29 March, consists of display cases containing the different watch models available, as well as large-scale models of the watch's classic design elements, such as the striking bracelet, which is made of 250 individual metal links.

As part of the exhibition, a skilled OMEGA watchmaker is on hand to demonstrate the new movement with Co-Axial Escapement and provide explanations on Thanks to a special camera installed on the watchmaker's workbench, all visitors are able to view close-up pictures of the movement in operation on three giant video screens above the Swatch Group Plaza.

The Co-Axial Escapement's revolutionary design considerably reduces friction in the escapement and thus ensures more stable accuracy over the long term. This innovative technology, together with the watch's elegant design, have made it one of the stars of this year's Basel Show.


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