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11 July 2001

The Completion of First OMEGA Outdoor Clock Tower Donated To Taipei City


Cindy Crawford, the OMEGA ambassador, visited Taiwan and donated a model of an outdoor clock tower to Taipei City last year. The OMEGA Outdoor Clock Tower located on Chunghwa Road was completed at the end of June. The clock tower inauguration ceremony, accompanied by a traditional Chinese lion dance, was hosted by Mayor Ma of Taipei City and Mr. Stephen Urquhart, President of OMEGA.

OMEGA has the great honour of cooperating with Taipei City Government. This clock tower not only corresponds to the landscape project on Chunghwa Road of Taipei, but also encourages local artists to show their talent of designing. The OMEGA clocks will keep highly accurate time as they operate using GPS and receive a precision time signal direct by satellite.

The clock tower is in three dimensions and has three OMEGA clocks on each side. The clocks' shape is as same as the famous OMEGA Constellation watch, with its distinctive claws and Roman numerals engraved on the bezel. At night, the clock tower radiates colourful light, providing an interesting attraction to passers-by. At the foot of the clock tower is a plate with the handprint and signature of Cindy, to commemorate her visit last year.