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14 May 2001

Exclusive celebration with Anna Kournikova at the Casina di Macchia Madama


Beauty, class, elegance, worldliness: the magic and exclusive atmosphere of the vacanze romana was brought to life at OMEGA's gala evening in Rome on 14 May in the refined surroundings of the Casina di Macchia Madama, hosted by RAI television's star presenter Massimo Giletti.

The beauty was provided by Anna Kournikova, OMEGA's most recent international ambassador, who brought with her the freshness and fascination that have led to her rapid rise to fame as one of the most admired women in the world. A perfect body, for sport and for the world's media, but also a young and determined feminine model who is reaching further and further towards the top.

The class was provided by the OMEGA collections, in particular the new Constellation Quadra models presented for the first time in Italy, which reflect the Swiss brand's capacity to design watches in line with the times, combining classic elegance with contemporary chic.

The elegance and worldliness of the evening were guaranteed by numerous guests, welcomed by OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart, who represented the entire spectrum of Roman high society. These included famous names from Italian cinema, television, journalism, business, politics and sport.

The gala evening was preceded by a photoshoot with Anna, who arrived at the Terrazza del Pincio in a vintage car to pose for numerous photographers against the immortal beauty of Italy's capital.


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