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20 September 2001

OMEGA Opens Brand New Shops In Tokyo


After undergoing a major face-lift, the OMEGA flagship store today re-opened in Tokyo's most prestigious shopping street, Namiki Street. [6-7-16 Ginza, Tokyo]

The OMEGA Flagship Store is prominent among the top brands of the world that are present on the street. A large illuminated OMEGA sign above the main entrance of the store and a large Constellation clock welcome visitors.

Walking into the store through the entrance, with two beautifully decorated windows on either side, one encounters a circular gallery area where selected items are displayed in the concave of the wall.

Further along, large showcases permanently display OMEGA's full collection of some 150-200 pieces. With this collection, the OMEGA SHOP TOKYO proudly presents the largest OMEGA collection in the country.

Since its inauguration, the new store has broken its sales record every month and has become a true flagship store in one of OMEGA's most important world markets.


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