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9 August 2000

Mehgan Heaney-Grier launches new Seamaster 300 M


OMEGA presented the latest products in its Seamaster 300M collection on 9th August 2000 in the Taipei Sea World. Forty new Seamaster Professional watches were displayed in an aquarium as part of the first-ever underwater watch launch. OMEGA ambassador Mehgan Heaney-Grier, the American champion freediver who set the 165 feet world record in August 1997, visited Taiwan to launch the new Seamaster models and raise people's awareness of environmental protection – an important aspect of OMEGA's annual theme of "Planet Ocean" in 2000. Mehgan's freediving demonstration was held on Green Island on 11th August and was the first-ever freediving performance in Taiwan.

Phill Hwang, OMEGA Brand Manager for Taiwan, emphasised the versatility of OMEGA's Seamaster, a watch which, in addition to fulfilling the demanding requirements of professional divers, also combines perfectly with formal wear. To illustrate this point, OMEGA Taiwan also invited Miss Hsiao, a famous TV star in Taiwan, to show how elegantly a sporty watch blended in with her evening gown. Hwang further explained that the barriers between sport and fashion are falling and that watches such as the OMEGA Seamaster are a year-round companion for any activity and any attire.

On 11th August 2000, the unprecedented freediving demonstration in Taiwan took place in Green Island. Mehgan Heaney-Grier, the American champion freediver, demonstrated freediving on a bright, sunny day. Numerous local amateur divers attended this unique event, which they had been awaiting with anticipation for some time. Mehgan hopes that her successful performance will help introduce the healthy activity of freediving to the local people.

OMEGA Taiwan invited Mehgan Heaney-Grier to demonstrate freediving and to use her professional diving skill to present the new Seamaster. Brand Manager Phill Hwang welcomed Mehgan's "outstanding personality, her spirit of the modern woman, her outstanding willpower and her adventurous spirit".

During the special feeediving show, while onlookers were appreciating the beauty of the sea world through the windows of "the yellow submarine", Mehgan took a deep breath and just dived into the depths – without any diving equipment! When she arrived at the sea bed, she picked up an OMEGA Seamaster and put it on her wrist, then swam back to the surface in an almost leisurely manner. Her elegant figure in the sea was reminiscent of a sea-maiden in the deep blue. Mehgan said "Green Island is a beautiful sea island. The undersea world surrounding Green Island looks just like a water fairyland. It is an ideal location for developing the activity of diving." She added that the trip to dive off Green Island was unforgettable and urged everybody to cherish these beautiful resources, since the ocean is a magic gift we inherited from nature. Before leaving Taiwan, she reminded everyone to help protect this precious deep blue.