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14 February 2003

Double success for Project "Arctic": 2 world records in one day


Like Jacques Mayol, Roland Specker and many other pioneers in the sport of diving, Christian Redl also relied on an OMEGA Seamaster for his world record attempts. Perfect equipment, intensive preparation, a professional team supporting him above and below the surface, together with his physical and mental top form, today helped to make the 26 year-old from Lower Austria a double world record-holder.


Beneath the 15cm thick ice sheet covering the Weissensee (Austria's highest lake), Christian Redl dived 90 metres on one single breath. After beating Italian Nicola Brischigiaro's existing world record for freediving under ice by five metres, he moved straight to his second record attempt – with the aid of a scooter – and reached a depth of 150 metres (the previous world record was 100 metres)!

For both of his record-breaking dives, Redl wore an OMEGA Seamaster Professional America's Cup Chronograph in titanium. As an OMEGA fan, he considers his divers' watch to be not only a reliable partner, but also a genuine lucky charm. For his important dives, he always sets the bezel to 3 – his lucky number.

Even as a child, Christian Redl (born on 21 April 1976) found the underwater world fascinating. He asked for his first diving equipment at the age of 8 so that he could explore the depths of his swimming pool. Later, Luc Besson's cult film "The Big Blue" inspired him to try freediving. Today, Christian Redl is a member of the Austrian national freediving team and, thanks to his diving expertise, has been hired numerous times as an underwater stuntman for film and video productions. He has been an Apnea Academy Instructor since 1999, trained by world champion Umberto Pelizzari.

With two world records under ice, a dream came true today for Redl. OMEGA congratulates him on this extraordinary achievement and wishes him all the best for his future as Austria's rising star in this fascinating sport.