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4 April 2003

NASA astronaut and OMEGA ambassador Lt General Tom Stafford visits the company's Flagship Store in Zurich


Today OMEGA ambassador and NASA astronaut General Tom Stafford paid a visit to the company's first flagship store, located at Bahnhofstrasse 52 on Zurich's exclusive and world-famous shopping street. Lt General Stafford stayed for a photo-shoot, signed the guestbook and gave autographs to clients. <br/> <br/>

During his truly remarkable career, Lt General Stafford has journeyed into space on four historic missions with NASA. His last mission, the Apollo-Soyuz test project, achieved the first rendez-vous between American and Soviet spacecrafts and set the standard for future international co-operation in space. Lt General Stafford has consulted with world leaders and heads of state, including Soviet Secretaries Brezhnev and Gorbachev. He has served as advisor to US Government Agencies, including the Aeronautics & Space Administration, the Air Force System Command, Defense Advisor to former President Ronald Reagan and headed The Synthesis Group which was tasked with looking into the future and plotting the United Sates' return to the moon and eventual journey to Mars.


<br/>In 1979, Tom Stafford was appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of OWC (Omega Watch Corporation). The pioneering spirit of this individual is entirely in keeping with the ethos of the company for which he is a star ambassador.




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