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28 June 2003

A highly successful seventh round of the 2003 OMEGA Swiss Golf Trophies


The seventh round of the 2003 OMEGA Swiss Golf Trophies was a delightful and memorable occasion. The two-day event was co-organised by prestige Swiss watch manufacturer OMEGA and the Boutique Tourbillon in Lausanne. The matches took place at the exclusive Golf Club de Lausanne, where OMEGA President Stephen Urquhart is a member and regular player. The Club was very proud that Mr Urquhart was able to be present at the prize-giving ceremony.

The OMEGA Swiss Golf Trophies is an annual event that reflects the brand's commitment to golf at local as well as at international level. The event comprises twelve matches and the winners of every match will go on to play against each other in the Grand Final in Crans-Montana. The finale promises to be a particularly special occasion, since it has been organised so as to coincide with the OMEGA European Masters which takes place at the same resort from 4-7 September.

The seventh round of the tournament consisted of an "Eclectic" match, in which two 18-hole courses are played over two days. An impressive turnout of 114 participants enjoyed an excellent golfing weekend at the Golf Club Lausanne situated in a picturesque location, just outside the city, in Le Chalet-à-Gobet. Participants included numerous professionals and prominent local personalities. Sunny weather conditions made for a wonderful competition which culminated in a prize-giving ceremony and apéritif attended by Stephen Urquhart. The Club was delighted that the OMEGA President was able to attend, having flown in directly from the OMEGA Railmaster Event which had taken place over the same weekend in Vienna and Prague (see Railmaster Events for further information).

The overall standard of play was superb and the performance of some of the juniors was outstanding. The Club prides itself on having a wide-range of first class junior players and, in fact, it was junior Marc Dobias who was the overall winner of the competition - which he has already won several times in the past! Dobias is an enthusiastic and highly talented young player who has been selected to play in the under-18 European Championships which will take place in Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic). Dobias is relishing the prospect of playing once again at the 2003 OMEGA Swiss Golf Trophies Grand Final in Crans- Montana in September.

Mrs Sylvie Domenjoz, manager of the Boutique Tourbillon, Lausanne, was very pleased with the success of the event. She said, "This was the first time that we had co-organised the event with OMEGA and I am taken aback by the fact that it was such a success. I have received so much positive feedback – for some, it was the best tournament that they had ever played in! The atmosphere and weather were fantastic and the wonderful prize was a bonus!

The eighth round of the event will take place on 5 July at the Golf Club Erlen and will be co-organised by OMEGA and jewellery and watch retailer Federer in Rorschach.