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OMEGA Boutique
3 Red Square

109012 Moscow

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  • Mon - Sun 10:00am - 10:00pm

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  • Watches
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The OMEGA Boutique at the GUM Department Store in Moscow

Moscow is one of the world’s largest, most dynamic cities. The Russian capital has established itself as a major political, economic, cultural and scientific hub and is world-renowned for its architecture. One of the city’s most visited landmarks is the GUM department store on Red Square with its 242 metre façade and the remarkable glass roof engineered by Vladimir Shukhov. Built at the end of the 19th century, GUM takes up almost the entire eastern side of Red Square. Today it is the most prestigious retail address in Moscow and houses more than one thousand designer and luxury brands, including OMEGA.

“The most prestigious retail address in Moscow houses more than a thousand designer and luxury brands, including OMEGA.”

OMEGA’s boutique in Moscow, which was inaugurated in 2006, was redesigned in 2011 to incorporate the brand’s global design concept. The new-look store was opened in style in the presence of supermodel and OMEGA ambassador Cindy Crawford. No one could be better suited to celebrate an elegant boutique in one of the world’s most fashionable department stores than the woman who has graced more magazine covers than any other.

Cindy was struck by the beauty of the boutique and its location in GUM. She said, “Moscow is such an exciting, dynamic and fashionable place and I can feel its pulse in every corner of the city. This boutique beautifully complements the feeling here.”




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