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OMEGA’s eco-friendly factory

With an energy concept based on solar technology and the use of groundwater, OMEGA’s home of watchmaking also makes time for the planet.

Built for maximum efficiency, OMEGA’s state-of-the-art factory is structural proof of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. The building essentially powers itself, thanks to an ingenious indoor climate and energy concept. Hundreds of photovoltaic solar panels on the roof provide free and abundant energy, and all excess heat is recycled.

561 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof generate an abundance of clean and free energy.

Sensor-controlled lighting and solar shading on the external windows take full advantage of natural light, and groundwater supplies the factory’s radiant panels. In keeping with the design philosophy of the architect Shigeru Ban, famous for his use of sustainable building materials such as cardboard, locally sourced timber supports the structure. Less polluting and quickly renewable, the timber used corresponds to just 2.6 hours of tree growth in Switzerland.

Even the fans used in the air-handling unit are energy efficient to limit the electricity consumption.

OMEGA’s commitment to caring for the environment extends beyond the factory walls, as even the surrounding grounds help to offset carbon emissions, thanks to the addition of 200 newly planted trees. The Swiss watchmaker’s significant investment in renewable and natural energy is a source of pride and proof that luxury items don’t have to cost the Earth.