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Date Watches

Suggestions - Date Watches

Watch manufacturers like to make very precise watches. But they also like to create watches that tell us much more than only time, manufacturing functionalities called complications. One of the most common complications is the date. This mechanism gives precisely the day of each month.
Thanks to this date function, an OMEGA watch allows the wearer to know the day of the month and the time accurately. The date can be set manually using the winding crown which also serves to wind the mechanism of a manual watch or to set the time correctly.

For greater accuracy and ease of reading, some OMEGA watches have more precise features such as the display of the current year, month and day of the week. Some other watches have a perpetual calendar. This last complication represents one of the greatest achievements in the art of watchmaking. This mechanical system is able to display the exact date during many years, taking into account the variable length of months as well as the leap year cycle.