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Fine Fragrance


Like the watch, the fragrance conveys the essence of the wearer’s personality. Just as there is a subtle complicity between the watch and its owner, there is an understated bond between a man and the fragrance he chooses.

Like the watch, the fragrance is in direct contact with his skin. His watch is the first accessory he puts on in the morning and the last one he takes off at night (if, indeed, he takes it off). He also puts his fragrance on before he leaves the house in the morning and it will be an intimate expression of his personality throughout the day. Like the watch, the fragrance is made in Switzerland.

Master perfumer Alberto Morillas, the legendary “nose” behind some of the world’s most successful perfumes for women and men, was asked to create a fragrance which would express the essence of OMEGA: authenticity, substance and innovation. It also needed to project the qualities which characterize OMEGA’s customers: courage, self-confidence and independence.


OMEGA turned to a legendary perfumer who had mastered the mysteries of scent and who channeled his unique skills to create Aqua Terra Eau de Toilette pour Homme. More than a hundred of the most exclusive raw materials were selected and blended. The result is a long-lasting fragrance with energetic, sophisticated, sensuous aspects. OMEGA Aqua Terra Eau de Toilette pour Homme belongs to the woody aromatic family. On the top, the fragrance opens on a blend of citrus (bergamot, Grapefruit, tangerine, and petitgrain) and herbs (clary sage). They bring a fresh and natural scent to the perfume. After a few minutes, the heart of the creation reveals a spicy freshness and an elegant floralcy thanks to the aromatic herbs, jasmine, red pepper and violet leaves. Finally, the drydown unveils its mysterious facets: a trail of sensual and luxurious woods, refined oak moss, patchouli, vetiver and musk rounds the perfume out harmoniously.


OMEGA Aqua Terra is presented in an innovative bottle whose sides feature lateral windows with metric and English scales which make it possible to see the perfume within. This feature is a gentle wink in the direction of the highly technical watch industry which OMEGA has been a part of for more than 160 years. Hot-stamped on top of the bottle’s distinctive silver cap is an adaptation of OMEGA’s famous seahorse logo found on the casebacks of the Seamaster and Speedmaster watches. The textured cap itself recalls the grips of the precision tools used by the watchmakers at OMEGA.

Each bottle of OMEGA Aqua Terra is delivered in a reusable micro-fibre pouch which can be used to polish a watch face, jewellery or glasses.

Available in 50ml and 100ml