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  • All watches purchased from OMEGA authorised retailers are authentic. They are supplied with a warranty card, which includes the 8-digit numeric or 7-digit alphanumeric serial number, the watch reference, the date of purchase and the full name and address of the retailer.
    An authentic OMEGA watch has its own serial number. For pieces of the current collection, your nearest OMEGA Boutique or authorised service centre will be able to tell you whether your model matches the serial number on the watch. Although this does not guarantee the authenticity of the watch, it is an important indication. In fact, OMEGA calibres cannot be reproduced. Some components such as the Co-Axial escapement wheel are exclusive to the brand. If the timepiece is equipped with a different movement, it will prove that it is not an authentic OMEGA watch.

    Moreover, if the watch is Master Chronometer certified, it will not be affected by magnetic fields. By placing a magnet near the watch, it is easy to detect whether it is authentic or not. A Master Chronometer watch will continue to function normally while a counterfeit will stop functioning.

    For watches older than 30 years, we offer a certification service. You can find information about the certificate of authenticity here.

  • The first step is to identify the case and movement number. If you need help finding this information, we recommend that you visit an OMEGA authorised service centre. Once you have these numbers, go to the vintage section of our website and enter your case number in the search field.

    If no information is available in the vintage section, we recommend that you order an extract from the archives. This document indicates the date of production of the timepiece and contains detailed information about the condition of the watch after its production. It is available for most OMEGA watches over 10 years old and costs CHF 120 (excluding VAT) per extract or the equivalent in your local currency.

    The information about your watch may no longer be available. In this case, we will refund the full amount paid. On the other hand, according to our terms of sale, following the analysis of the data provided at the time of your request, we will cancel your order without refund in the following situations (non-exhaustive list):

    • The watch movement number and/or watch case number is wrong
    • The watch movement number and/or the watch case number is incomplete
    • The watch movement number does not match the case number or watch reference number
    • The description of the watch does not correspond to the information in our archives
    • The pictures of the watch do not match the information in our archives
    • Significant modifications have been made to the watch outside our workshops
    • The watch is recorded in our records as "stolen" or inauthentic.

    We would also like to point out that the extract from the archives is not a certificate of authenticity and does not guarantee the authenticity of a watch or its components.

    The extract from the archives can be ordered directly from the dedicated section on our website or from an OMEGA Boutique.

  • The value of a pre-owned OMEGA watch may vary depending on its functional and aesthetic condition and the supply and demand for similar watches on the market. Prices also depend on factors specific to each country.

    Watch assessment is a specialized field of expertise in which we are not active and therefore we cannot provide any information on this subject.

    We recommend that you have your timepiece examined by an auction house or antique dealer of your choice.

    Below is a non-exhaustive list of some major auction houses:

  • This information can be found on the warranty card that is given to you at the time of purchase. The serial number is also engraved on the back of our current watches, or on one of the lugs. For vintage watches, this information is usually engraved on the inside of the caseback and on the movement. OMEGA authorised service centres are available to assist you in retrieving this information.

  • Click here to enter the fascinating world of the brand and discover the key episodes in its history since 1848. From the Moon to the Olympic Games, OMEGA has left its mark on all the major events!

    A visit to our museum is also a must for anyone who wants to learn more about OMEGA's past, present and future. Located at the brand's headquarters, this institution takes you through the captivating history of our House through atmospheric videos, exciting exhibitions and interactive experiences.

  • All the watches worn on the Moon were part of the Speedmaster collection and were equipped with the legendary calibre 321.

    During the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, 16 and 17 lunar missions, the astronauts wore Speedmaster model references ST 105.012 and ST 145.012.

    Captain Eugene "Gene" Cernan also wore a Speedmaster ST 105.003 during the Apollo 17 mission.

    The Speedmaster is still part of our current collection and has since become an icon in the watchmaking world.

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