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Recommendations for preserving your OMEGA bracelet and strap

Our range of straps and bracelets gives you the opportunity to enhance the beauty of your timepiece or change its look.

Your OMEGA Boutique or OMEGA authorised service centre will be happy to advise you on the various options available. We offer a selection of metallic and non-metallic bracelets designed and tested to ensure an optimal fit and hold of the watch on the wrist.

If our online shop is available in your country, you can also access a selection of straps compatible with our latest models directly on our website.

For any intervention, we recommend that you contact an authorised OMEGA partner equipped with the appropriate tools to replace your strap or bracelet according to our quality standard.

However, if you wish to change it yourself, we invite you to follow the steps described in the following videos:

Please note that if you choose a strap or bracelet that is not compatible with your watch, we cannot be held responsible for any damage resulting from the bracelet change.


All our products are made from the finest materials. Below you will find more information on the characteristics and origin of the materials used in the manufacture of our straps and bracelets.


For our alligator straps, we only use leather from animals bred in Louisiana (USA) and certified by CITES. This guarantees the traceability of their origin. The use of Louisiana alligator skins is subject to strict regulations to protect the species and ensure its conservation. More information on the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is available at:

The calf leather we use is of European origin.

For reasons of traceability and species preservation, we do not offer any items made from exotic leathers such as lizard, shark or ray. In exceptional cases, we use species other than calf and alligator (e.g. sturgeon), but only if we can guarantee their traceability with a CITES certification.

In addition, all our leather straps comply with strict specifications to ensure longevity and comfort while respecting the most stringent legislation in force.


The material chosen is of synthetic composition, which gives the product hypoallergenic properties and superior durability.


We select the metals used according to their mechanical, hypoallergenic and aesthetic characteristics. These characteristics are regularly tested by our specialised laboratory.

The stainless steel used is of medical quality (identical to that used in medical instruments). Although this alloy contains 18% nickel, it does not release this element when in contact with the skin under normal wearing conditions. However, we recommend that people who are hypersensitive to nickel avoid stainless steel models.

We also offer bracelets made of titanium, which are distinguished by their lightness and thermal properties. This metal is warmer than gold or steel when it comes into contact with the skin. In addition, titanium is a hypoallergenic and particularly resistant material.

For the manufacture of precious metal elements, we exclusively use Gold 750‰ or Platinum 950‰. OMEGA’s exclusive gold alloys, such as SEDNA™, CANOPUS™ or MOONSHINE™, provide enhanced resistance to tarnishing so that the aesthetics of your bracelet retain their original brilliance.


Our textile straps are made from a nylon polyamide fabric known for its hypoallergenic properties, durability and strength.


In addition, OMEGA is a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. This organization is the leading certification authority for the watch and jewellery industry and aims to create a sustainable supply chain.



The way you wear and take care of your strap or bracelet influences its appearance and longevity. The following recommendations will help you maintain the functionality and beauty over time.

We recommend that you avoid:

  • Contact with water to prevent premature aging of the leather
  • Contact with greasy substances, cosmetics, perfumes, creams and insect repellents
  • Use of chemicals, solvents or other detergents to clean your strap
  • Repeated contact with dark textiles for light colored leathers

To clean this type of bracelets, we recommend using a toothbrush with tap water and soap, then rinse and dry with a soft cloth.