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Calibre type

Calibre type

Mechanical quartz



US $550 US $450



US $750 US $500



Starts at US $1,500 -

Special timepieces

Special timepieces

Starts at US $1,000 Starts at US $1,000

Above are the recommended public prices applying to the official OMEGA service center of The Swatch Group Ltd’s affiliated company commercializing OMEGA’s products in your country of location.

Important information regarding service and warranty:
Different types of interventions (other than the complete service and the restoration) can be carried out in relation with the service of OMEGA watches. Each of these interventions corresponds to specific operations, has its own recommended public price and benefits from distinct warranty conditions.

Components made of any material other than steel or hesalite will be charged additionally.


Our team of OMEGA restoration watchmakers based in Biel/Switzerland performs quality restorations of timepieces manufactured before 1940. Based on our experience, the cost of a restoration often exceeds CHF 2000.-. The restoration work takes at least two months, counting from the time the estimate has been accepted and signed by the customer.

The restored timepiece is returned in a special box along with the following documents:
• Attestation of restoration signed by the watchmaker
• Before-after photos of the timepiece


OMEGA’s rich heritage includes countless special precision instruments with inspiring functional and aesthetical features. Among them: desk, table, wall clocks, pocket watches, stop watches, exclusive tourbillon, skeleton mechanical movements or outstanding high precision quartz calibres.

Our special timepieces service offer has been developed to ensure that these unique instruments stand the test of time.

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