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The quest to remove debris from space

The quest to remove debris from space

Since the birth of the first watch on the moon, humankind has successfully launched well over 6,400 rockets.

Journeys into space are now commonplace and our surface-level infrastructure is completely dependent on orbiting technology. Today, our satellite superhighway is stuck in a traffic jam. We need to clean up space. ClearSpace is on the case and OMEGA is proud to support the mission.

  • 640+ fragmented objects in orbit
  • 2,400+ Objects launched annually

/*36,500+*/ /_pieces_/ of space junk greater than 10cm in orbit

Taking out the space trash: how it works

A vessel with four gripping arms catches and holds the debris, allowing ClearSpace to send it on a path to controlled disintegration.


The world first ever space debris removal mission

In 2020, ESA and 8 member states including Switzerland have taken a bold step forward and mandated the first debris removal mission in history to ClearSpace and pave the way toward a new normal.


A critical mission awaits us: the preservation of a clean and sustainable cosmos for future generations. Acknowledging this monumental challenge, OMEGA boldly steps up to the plate with its commitment to ClearSpace.

This dynamic collaboration signifies OMEGA's unwavering dedication to forging a path towards an environmentally conscious tomorrow, extending its influence from the depths of the ocean and the surface of our planet to the bustling and cluttered realms of space.

creating a more sustainable future

a clean space for exploration

Supporting ClearSpace is the logical next step for a brand with a proud history of both space exploration and Earth conservation. It is one of the most important, inspiring and exciting projects since the launch of the Apollo missions.

Raynald Aeschlimann
OMEGA President and CEO

/*33,680*/ and counting
pieces of space junk in orbit