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Much has changed since OMEGA’s Speedmaster became the first watch worn on the Moon.

Journeys into space are regular events and the technology orbiting our planet plays a vital role in how we navigate and communicate. With these world-changing developments in mind, OMEGA has extended its sustainability commitments beyond Earth by supporting organisations clearing paths in space.

In line with its pledge to give back to the planet, OMEGA is supporting a critical mission to track satellites and debris that pose hazards to human activity in space. OMEGA is collaborating with Privateer as they map space objects in orbit with unprecedented accuracy and transparency, to help ensure a safe and sustainable future in space.


As Earth orbit becomes more accessible and, thus, more crowded, Privateer’s proprietary data and intelligence platform removes ambiguity, enabling stakeholders to protect their capital, optimise investments, and ensure the safety of humans in space.


Privateer’s open and transparent platform enables nations, policymakers, and private ventures to share space responsibly, for the benefit of humankind. Humans can achieve amazing things when working together and this is team work on a global scale.


The future of the space economy seems boundless with opportunities rapidly evolving. Now is the time to establish how we will be stewards of space, ensuring future generations can flourish on Earth, in orbit, and beyond.


Wayfinder is an open-access and near real-time visualisation and tracking of satellites and debris in Earth orbit. Its proprietary knowledge graph technology enables the monitoring, assessment, and verification of space actor behavior. This is the first of many apps to be built on Privateer’s data engine.

discover in real time

The map pinpoints thousands of human-made space objects currently orbiting the Earth.


Like the Apollo missions that made OMEGA’s Moonwatch the most famous chronograph in the world, Privateer’s mission is led by a crew of three: Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak, tech entrepreneur and founder Alex Fielding, and astrodynamicist and space environmentalist Dr. Moriba Jah.

The partnership is a source of great pride for OMEGA and further proof of the brand’s willingness to seek out adventure, learn, evolve, take risks — and use its global influence for positive change.