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Flower jewellery goes back to nature

Discover the organic designs that marry both terrestrial and celestial beauty.

These simple words, spoken by one of the world's top models, are perhaps the most fitting introduction to the OMEGA Flower collection of fine jewellery. For ladies who distinguish themselves with their own sense of style and grace, these pieces are the ideal companion.

The delicate Flower design is made from a fusion of five OMEGA logos. Between the lines, you’ll find the radiant luxury of materials such as mother-of-pearl and onyx, while the use of diamonds also gives many of the pieces an extra touch of dazzling style.


"All flowers are beautiful in their own way. Just like women."

In all of OMEGA’s expansive jewellery creations, the Flowers have perhaps the strongest connection to nature. Not only do the petals offer an Earthly sense, but the OMEGA logos link directly to the stars, bringing a celestial spirit to the heart of the design. It’s a truly organic concept for wearers who adore the beauty of the universe - and fine jewellery.

And if this collection draws you in like a bee, OMEGA has offered a full range of Flower pieces, including bracelets, rings, earrings and necklaces. The white, red and yellow golds deliver plenty of diverse choices, while the symmetrical harmony of the set means you can wear more than just one.

So which Flower will you pick today?

OMEGA Flower

At the heart of a golden circle, the OMEGA flower is formed by the fusion of five iconic OMEGA logos. From this beautiful blossom, an extraordinary collection begins to flourish, with passion expressed by infinite power and grace.

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