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Iconic style in Constellation jewellery

Constellation watches have been symbols of luxury and prestige since 1952.

With a name inspired by the stars, the collection represents the art of precision in its most beautiful form.


For OMEGA, the key to creating the Constellation Fine Jewellery collection was achieving harmony with the distinctive designs of those timepieces. As you walk the city streets and bask in the golden glow of sunlight, these pieces will blend seamlessly with your style.

The famous “claws” are perhaps the most instantly recognisable feature that Constellation fans will identify with. Introduced onto the watches in 1982, they convey both perfection and eternity. In the jewellery pieces, you’ll find the iconic claws gripping the sides of the earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings to give them a pure Constellation look.

"Timeless, elegant and charismatic, the Constellation collection is ideal for every moment"

OMEGA has also drawn inspiration from the watch bezels and borrowed the timeless look of Roman Numerals. These elegant numbers are beautifully engraved on selected pieces and instantly add an extra dimension of charm.

Other watch elements too, such as the shimmering mother-of-pearl dials, the linked bracelets and diamond-studded crowns, have been transformed for this complete collection of jewellery. And, as always, every piece is crafted from OMEGA’s very best materials including 18K gold and diamonds.

Our ladies’ watchmaking has already gained a global reputation for flowing lines and iconic touches. In jewellery, OMEGA is able to extend that passion and offer a collection that exists in sensuous balance.



Certainly, the Constellation pieces are the ultimate way to immerse yourself even further into the luxury of OMEGA.

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