Individual gents with a shared passion

Who better to explain the appeal of OMEGA's famous watch than a gentleman who chooses to wear it? To salute the Seamaster at 70, OMEGA has produced a series of high quality short films in collaboration with London- based, specialist watch platform: A Collected Man.

Each of the five films drops in on the life of a British gentleman (world-renowned in his chosen field) to discuss the role the Seamaster plays in his personal and professional life.

Though the five gentlemen profiled by A Collected Man come from very different backgrounds, they all share a certain mind-set in common: a deep respect for things made to last.

Our first three films in the series are truly engaging slices of life.

We cycle through a busy day with Michael Hill - Clothier & Creative Director at renowned gentlemen's outfitters Drake’s. Head over to the Isle of Man to meet Roger W. Smith OBE, an independent watchmaker and the only apprentice to the late George Daniels, inventor of OMEGA's Co-Axial Escapement. And go beneath the waves with Craig Muir, a professional offshore diver based in Scotland's Orkney Islands.

In the second in our series of short films, produced to mark the 70th anniversary of the Seamaster, we take a spin with independent watchmaker Roger W. Smith.

Attending a horological course was a life-changing event for Roger W. Smith. He caught the watchmaking bug on day one and never looked back. The only apprentice to the late George Daniels - inventor of OMEGA's famous Co-Axial Escapement - Roger is passionate about his craft. In this short film, produced in conjunction with London-based specialist watch platform A Collected Man, we join Roger for a tour of his home turf in a classic Mini. The master craftsman shares his watchmaking philosophy, explains his affection for the Seamaster and reveals how living an isolated life on the Isle of Man suits his individual style.