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OMEGA 125th Anniversary Pocket Watch

Sedna™ Gold ‑ Canopus Gold™


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Released to make the 125th anniversary of the OMEGA name, this exquisite “half hunter” pocket watch has an 18K Canopus Gold™ case with red enamel pattern along the side, and two watch covers in 18K Sedna™ gold, both opened by a twist of the same ingenious crown.

Opening the front cover reveals a white "Grand Feu" enamel dial with three levels for improving the reading of the 18K Sedna™ gold hands. Behind the God Chronos medallion on the interior of the rear cover, is a 125th anniversary logo in red enamel. Also in clear view is the famous calibre, protected by a domed sapphire glass.

Encircling the movement, engraved on the 18K Canopus Gold™ caseback, is one of only nineteen limited edition numbers and the words “Edition Limitée” and “Manufacturé à Bienne, Suisse”.

Powering the pocket watch is a meticulous reconstruction of the famous 19-ligne “OMEGA” Calibre, created by the skilled watchmakers at OMEGA’s Atelier Tourbillon in Switzerland. The movement includes original components stored away for almost a century.

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5-Year Warranty

All OMEGA watches are delivered with a 5-year warranty that covers the repair of any material or manufacturing defects. Please refer to the operating instructions for specific information about the warranty conditions and restrictions.


  • Chronometer

  • Limited edition (19)

  • Small seconds

  • Transparent case back

Technical Data

  • Case: Sedna™ Gold ‑ Canopus Gold™
  • Case diameter: 60 mm
  • Dial colour: White
  • Crystal: Domed scratch‑resistant sapphire crystal with anti‑reflective treatment on both sides
  • Water resistance: 3 bar (30 metres / 100 feet)
  • Movement type: Manual‑winding


  • Calibre: OMEGA 1894
  • Reconstruction of the famous 19‑ligne “OMEGA” Calibre, created using original components, including all of the bridges, mainplates, escapements and bimetallic balance spring. Barrel, mainspring, jewels, bushings in Sedna™ gold, axis & pinons, balance staff and wheels, are all new, as is the entire winding mechanism. The complete gear train was recalculated to meet modern standards. The movement is fitted with an innovative Swiss hand setting system and embellished with an intricate “damaskeening” decoration, in line with OMEGA's GRADE MASTER quality.
  • Power reserve: 35 hours
  • Type: Manual‑winding

Key materials

  • Material - Sedna<sup>TM</sup> Gold

    SednaTM Gold

  • Material - Canopus Gold<sup>TM</sup>

    Canopus GoldTM

  • Material - Sapphire Crystal

    Sapphire Crystal

SednaTM Gold

OMEGA has been using the exclusive 18K SednaTM Gold, its own fiery rose gold alloy, since 2012. Named after Sedna, an orbiting planetoid that has been described as one of the reddest in the solar system, SednaTM Gold not only bears all the standard characteristics of other 18K golds, but it also offers high resistance to the fading of colour and lustre over time. Its unique composition includes copper and palladium for colour and stability.

Canopus GoldTM

OMEGA has been using the exclusive Canopus GoldTM, an 18K white gold alloy, since 2015. As well as being 100% noble, it bears all the standard characteristics of other 18K golds, while also distinguishing itself for its high brilliance, whiteness and longevity, making it an ideal material for high-end or diamond set timepieces.
The alloy is named after the bright star Canopus, which is 71 times bigger and 10’000 times brighter than our sun. Due to its brilliance and position, Canopus became an important reference point for many space agencies.
Its unique composition includes platinum, rhodium and palladium for colour and stability.

Sapphire Crystal

To really appreciate the finer details of a timepiece, OMEGA uses synthetic sapphire crystal with a highly scratch-resistant and anti-reflective treatment. Before the machining and finishing processes take place, the sapphire crystals are produced under the Verneuil process, also called flame fusion. It involves the melting of the raw substance using oxyhydrogen flame and the crystallisation of the melted droplets to form a cylinder. Graded 9 on the Mohs-hardness scale (graded 1-10), the resulting sapphire crystals are virtually scratch-proof and very hard, ensuring an unhindered vision at all times.

OMEGA 125th Anniversary Pocket Watch

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