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11 Moonswatch suitcases are sold at Sotheby’s, raising 534 670 CHF for Orbis

OMEGA has sold 11 MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold suitcases in a dedicated Sotheby’s online auction for a total of 534 670 CHF, helping to raise essential money for the brand’s long-term partner, Orbis International.

Auctioned between February 12 – 24, each of the unique cases contained the 11 OMEGA x Swatch “Mission to Moonshine Gold” watches – the first time these versions had ever been offered as one set, and the first time that the special MoonSwatch suitcase was available to buy.

OMEGA supports Orbis

100% of the auction proceeds will be given to Orbis, which fights avoidable blindness and vision loss around the world. Through its programs and on board the Flying Eye Hospital, Orbis has provided eye care for millions of patients, while also training hundreds of thousands of eye care professionals in areas with the greatest need globally.

Orbis’s work is especially valuable for children, allowing many of them to see their parents, the moon, and the stars for the very first time. OMEGA has supported Orbis since 2011, and this auction's success will help advance the organization’s mission to put eye care within reach of everyone.

"This unique auction really captured the imagination of MoonSwatch fans around the world. We’re so thrilled that the proceeds can now go to Orbis. We believe whole-heartedly in their eye care mission, and we’re so pleased to have raised money as well as awareness for their work.”

Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA


The “Mission to Moonshine Gold” models are a radiant twist on the original BIOCERAMIC MoonSwatch timepieces. Each one is crafted with a seconds hand coated in 18K Moonshine™ Gold – a distinctive alloy created in-house at OMEGA that offers a more subtle and long-lasting form of yellow gold. Each of the Moonshine™ Gold hands also reveals its own special detail, such as a strawberry pattern for the Strawberry Moon in July, or a flower pattern for the Flower Moon in May.

Before the auction concluded, fans were able to see the suitcases on display at 11 OMEGA Boutiques around the world, including those in Zurich, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Beijing, New York, London, Milan, Paris, and Sydney.

Now, they are in the hands of 11 lucky bidders. OMEGA thanks everyone who took part in the auction and appreciates the great interest shown in support of Orbis.

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Following the online auction of our 11 MoonSwatch Moonshine Gold Suitcases, a special meeting has been held in Hong Kong between Raynald Aeschlimann, President and CEO of OMEGA, and Derek Hodkey, President and CEO of Orbis International.

The meeting between Mr. Aeschlimann and Mr. Hodkey was a celebration of the auction’s achievement. As a symbolic gesture, they met in front of the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and exchanged a Seymour teddy bear, which has become an icon of the OMEGA and Orbis partnership. OMEGA is known for presenting every young Orbis patient with their own teddy bear before they undergo treatment.

The occasion was also a chance for Mr. Aeschlimann to tour the interior of the Flying Eye Hospital, to see how the organization is taking it eye care mission to global areas with the greatest need. Later in the afternoon, Mr. Aeschlimann and Mr. Hodkey were joined by friend of the brand, Ayla Sham, for a special visit to the local OMEGA Boutique.