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Recommendations for preserving your OMEGA Fine Jewellery

Your OMEGA Jewellery communicates the very essence of refined luxury and elegantly expresses your unique personality. The following recommendations will help you preserve the timeless beauty of your fine jewel.

Wearing your fine jewellery

  • We recommend removing your jewellery when entering activities which could lead to accidental knocks or contact with substances that could harm your fine jewellery.
  • To prevent soap from depositing in small gaps, we advise removing your jewellery when washing your hands.
  • Extreme temperature variations can damage precious stones irreversibly so they should be avoided.
  • Avoid contact with substances found in cosmetic products such as perfume and make-up as they can deteriorate certain stones.
Cleaning your fine jewellery

Whenever you feel that your jewellery piece has lost some of its original brilliance, rub its surface delicately with a soft brush and room temperature water (for mother-of-pearl and ceramic, use a soft cloth rather than a brush). The following recommendations apply when cleaning jewellery:

  • Never use chemicals or solvents.
  • Don’t use ultrasonic devices for mother-of-pearl and other gemstones.
  • Let your fine jewellery dry by itself or use a soft cloth to help.
  • Only store your items once they are dry.

Summary of dos and don'ts for cleaning
the surface of precious stones

Stones / MaterialsSoft clothWater

* Water added with neutral based soap is possible

Storing your fine jewellery
Pieces of jewellery can easily scratch one another. Therefore we recommend storing each piece on its own in its original case, in a travel pouch or in a jewellery organiser. When storing chains, make sure to close the clasp to prevent knots from forming. If you opt for a jewellery organiser, we recommend choosing one with a soft fabric.
Servicing your fine jewelery
Bring your jewellery piece with its certificate of authenticity to your closest OMEGA boutique, authorised service centre or retailer if it requires care. Our staff will be happy to assist you.

Finding a Service Centre

If your fine Jewellery needs a service, make sure to contact an OMEGA authorised service centre.

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