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Nekton logo
Established in 2015, Nekton is a not-for-profit research institute committed to the scientific exploration and protection of the world’s ocean. Nekton works in collaboration with the University of Oxford and draws support from committed partners willing to unite behind a common purpose, such as OMEGA.
Nekton submarine

OMEGA’s partnership

From the creation of the first divers’ watch made for everyone, to our role in the record-breaking Five Deeps Expedition, OMEGA is a brand with a strong connection to the sea. As well as producing depth-defying watches, OMEGA supports individuals and organisations committed to expanding our knowledge of the world’s ocean.
  • Nekton submarine
  • Seamaster Diver 300m Nekton - Steel on rubber strap

“Nekton aims to rapidly increase our knowledge of the ocean to help catalyse its protection.”


Nekton’s missions in Bermuda, the Caribbean, Seychelles and the Indian Ocean have led to the discovery of the Rariphotic Zone, or rare-light zone. From 130 metres to 300 metres deep, it is thought to be one of the largest new ecosystems found on Earth in decades. Now we know it’s there, we can help protect it.

Nekton submarine with the face of a technician
Nekton submarine in the rare-light zone

First Descent

A healthy planet is dependent on a healthy ocean. In 2019, Nekton began a series of expeditions in the Indian Ocean – the world’s least explored and least protected ocean - aiming to protect and restore its health for the benefit of the planet, the climate and the people who rely on it for the lives, jobs and food security.
Watch Ocean Protection with OMEGA and Nekton

Seamaster 2

The famous Seamaster has played a key role in OMEGA’s ocean story. That legacy has been acknowledged by the team at Nekton, who dubbed their submersible Seamaster 2, in tribute to the boat skippered by the late Sir Peter Blake. The legendary round-the-world yachtsman was a passionate advocate of ocean conservation and a close friend of OMEGA.
  • Nekton Submarine
  • Sir. Peter Blake

Sea change

Too often the ocean is out-of-sight, and out-of-mind. Nekton and partners have pioneered live submersible broadcasting from their missions, creating new ways to help people discover the ocean and inspire global action.
Nekton Submarine
“We now have the technology to discover more our ocean in the next 10 years, than we have in the last 10,000.”

Oliver Steeds, Nekton Mission Director

OMEGA’s Nekton Editions

To support Nekton, OMEGA has produced two editions of the Diver 300M. One with integrated black rubber strap, the other on a steel bracelet. Both Seamaster timepieces in polished-brushed stainless steel, feature a laser ablated black ceramic [ZrO2] dial, grade 5 titanium bezel and caseback embossed with Nekton submarine medallion.
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