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NATO Straps to support your country

Giving everyone a chance to show their passion during the Olympic Games, OMEGA’s choices are patriotic, colourful and comfortable.

figurine running on a nato strap
figurine swimming on a nato strap


“In our miniature sporting world, the dreams of athletes are never far away.”

In time for Tokyo 2020, OMEGA’s NATO Strap Collection provides the ultimate way to support your country during the Olympic Games.

Up close, the attention-to-detail is exquisite, and each strap inspires visions of a sporting world – whether it’s athletics, golf, swimming or cycling. From wherever you’re watching around the globe, this is your chance to mark the occasion in vibrant colour.

watch the movie: figurine cycling on a nato strap
figurine golfing on a nato strap

Switch your Style

Striped or in bold, a NATO can be easily swapped with the strap on your OMEGA watch, and turn you into a passionate fan in no time at all. So give your watch a twist and enjoy the summer full of sport!