Saluting science with a space pioneer

Created in 2011 to help the public understand and appreciate science, Starmus Festival has included performances and presentations from astronauts, cosmonauts, Nobel Prize winners and prominent figures from science, culture, the arts and music.

A worthy goal OMEGA supports, by proudly sponsoring the Stephen Hawking Medal, one of the world’s most celebrated science communication awards.

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This year, the four winners of the award were Elon Musk, Brian Eno, the makers of the documentary Apollo 11 - and the man who knows the story of the first lunar landing better than anyone on Earth – NASA legend Buzz Aldrin.

Each recipient received a Speedmaster Moonwatch “First OMEGA in Space”, complete with a unique caseback design.

Attendees of Starmus also enjoyed the company of another Apollo legend: CAPCOM of Apollo 11, LM Pilot of Apollo 16, and OMEGA ambassador - Charlie Duke.

The classic "First OMEGA in Space"