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For a watch company firmly rooted in a nation many miles from the nearest coastline, OMEGA's passion for the ocean is boundless. Our connection to the sea has taken us to extraordinary places. It's a fascinating story - and we're proud to share it with you.


Decades before venturing into space, OMEGA set out to explore the sea. In that time we have played a significant role in ocean exploration and will no doubt continue to do so, as the huge body of water that claims two thirds of our planet remains one of earth's great mysteries.


The Dive Begins

OMEGA’s diving watches are amongst the most trusted and innovative in the world. See where that story began, with the pioneering Marine timepiece of 1932.


The Seamaster is born

Since 1948, the Seamaster has been the ultimate choice for “town, sea and country.” Discover its World War II origins and its legacy beneath the ocean.


Diving icons of OMEGA

As explorers have gone deeper into the ocean, OMEGA has followed them with increasing excellence. Discover the evolution of our most important diving watches.


Reaching the Challenger Deep

In 2019, the OMEGA Seamaster was part of a World Record dive to the deepest place on Earth. See how our “Ultra Deep” survived the greatest challenge imaginable.

The Making of a diving legacy

The Marine Watch

The world’s first divers’ watch available to civilian divers was characterised by a clever double case design. Water-resistance was insured by a leather disc on the inner case, which was then hermetically sealed against the outer case when it was locked by the steel locking system. The artificial sapphire crystal was also 10 times more resistant than ordinary glass.

Omega at depth

Innovation for the ocean

At OMEGA, our designs are drawn from the deep, not plucked from thin air. It is the needs of professional divers that drives our technology. We consult first - and then we dive in.

Water resistant Helium valve Diver bezel Brightness Toughness Extension Antimagnetic Pushers


For scuba divers content to explore the depths to more human-friendly levels, OMEGA has produced an exceptional range of divers’ watches packed with exceptional technology.