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Manual Winding Watches

Suggestions - Manual Winding Watches

If are you looking for a mechanical watch with a unique style, just think about our selection of hand‑wound watches with OMEGA‑certified mechanisms. Winding a watch is not only a simple everyday ritual, but it is also a real connection between the timepiece and its wearer. With an OMEGA manual wind mechanical watch you will build unique relationship, like a return to the beginnings of watchmaking, but with a modern precision which never ceases to evolve.
An OMEGA hand‑wound watch uses the crown to tension the mainspring inside the watch. This mechanical component provides the source of sufficient power to drive a series of gears and components which then operate the watch. Some watches provide a power reserve indicator on the dial, a watchmaking complication that tells you how much time is left before rewinding.

Discover our wide selection of hand‑wound mechanical watches, and take a step into the history of watchmaking. Succumb to the charm of this mechanism and discover our different watch collections. From elegant and sporty chronograph watches to watches with a transparent back, or with our skeleton and Tourbillon watches, providing a view of the complex Swiss‑made mechanism, you will find the one that suits you.