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The Omega Speedmaster Chrono Chime

A first of its kind calibre

OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 1932 is a world’s first and the most complicated movement the brand has ever launched. A fully integrated chronograph and minute repeater, destined to rewrite the watchmaking rulebook. Not a reinvention or a modification – completely new. A movement made by hand, able to chime elapsed times, thanks to a mechanical “brain”, which merges its functions and senses which to engage.

The making of the 1932 Calibre

Developed with sister company Blancpain, the 1932 Calibre took six years to complete. In addition to integrating its two key functions, the watchmakers were compelled to include a chime cam, mal-manipulation security and a split seconds function. OMEGA’s famous Co-Axial escapement required a significant frequency adjustment and all components had to be non-ferrous to achieve Master Chronometer status.

“The chime pusher at 8 o’clock sports a charming polished and embossed music note”


As well as being strikingly good looking, OMEGA’s 18K Sedna™ Gold produces a beautiful sound when struck. Double hammers, attached to the movement, hit pitch-perfect, hand-tuned 18K Sedna™ Gold gongs. These gongs, fixed to the case body, produce maximum chime. Seconds with a high pitch ring, minutes with a low pitch ring – and ten seconds with a double ring.

“On the Speedmaster, the 1932 Calibre is turned to suit the shape of the case and subdials”

  • The Speedmaster revealed

    This striking numbered edition Speedmaster represents the perfect companion piece to OMEGA’s Olympic Chrono Chime. In addition to sharing the same DNA as its close cousin, the wristwatch draws its power from an identical source: OMEGA’s Co-Axial Master Chronometer Calibre 1932: the most complicated movement OMEGA has ever made.


    This 45mm “Numbered Edition” Speedmaster has an 18K Sedna™ Gold case and a dial in blue aventurine “Grand Feu” enamel. The inner bezel and subdials, in 18K Sedna™ Gold, feature OMEGA’s “exclusive acoustic waves” pattern. An exact visual representation of the soundwaves produced by the watch’s chimes.


    Fixing the Speedmaster securely to the wrist is a bracelet and buckle in 18K Sedna™ Gold. The polished caseback, engraved with Speedmaster and Numbered Edition, has a box-form sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides.


Produced using centuries-old violin-making techniques, the walnut presentation box, sounds as good as it looks. Its resonance plate made of spruce, sourced from the Risoud Forest on the border of Switzerland and France, amplifies the precise rhythm, tone, harmony and length of each chime. The monumental case includes a magnifying glass to explore the watches details, a storybook and travel bag.


OMEGA’s extraordinary 1932 Calibre - which boasts multiple patents related to the mechanics, decorative features and functional elements - is the power source of two exceptional timepieces. This contemporary OMEGA Speedmaster - and a vintage-styled minute repeater wristwatch inspired by the first Olympic Games.