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Recommendations for preserving your OMEGA Sunglasses

Our OMEGA sunglasses combine style with very best materials. The following recommendations will help preserve their splendor throughout the years.

Wearing your sunglasses

Your sunglasses are not suitable:

  • For direct observation of the sun or for viewing of solar eclipses
  • As protection against artificial light sources (e.g. solaria)
  • For use as eye protection against mechanical impact hazards, during which the glasses could break, causing injury to the face and eyes
  • For driving at night or under conditions of dull light
Cleaning your sunglasses
  • Rinse your glasses under lukewarm tap water to remove any dust or debris from their surface
  • Clean one lens at a time, lightly but firmly holding the edge of the lens being cleaned
  • Apply a small drop of mild liquid soap to each lens. Gently rub the soap with your fingertips on both sides of the lenses in a circular motion
  • Rinse both sides of the lenses thoroughly with lukewarm tap water
  • Carefully dry your glasses with the clean and soft microfiber cloth, provided upon purchase
  • Do not use solvents (e.g. alcohol, acetone) or aggressive detergents which may alter the features of the glasses
Storing your sunglasses

Store your sunglasses in the semi-soft case provided upon purchase at a temperature between -10 and +35 C° (don’t put your unprotected glasses in a bag, purse or in your pocket).


Bring your sunglasses to your seller along with your purchase receipt if they require care. Please note that all technical interventions should only be performed by a knowledgeable specialist using the appropriate tools.


The model identification mark is on the inside of the temple. The information relating to the lenses can be found on the barcode label attached to the product packaging and/or on the inside of the temple, after the asterisk. The number indicates the filter category as defined by the standard EN ISO 12312-1. If two numbers are shown, this means that the lens is photochromic and the two numbers represent, respectively, the filter category in its clear state and in its darkened state. Letter P indicates that the lens is polarized. Letter A or U indicate that your spectacles are not suitable for driving and for use on the road only according to the US (A) or Australian (U) standard. If the frame has a pendant label with a car crossed out, it means that your spectacles are not suitable for driving and for use on the road according to the standard EN ISO 12312-1.