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Accessories Bracelets & Straps

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Made by hand for every kind of wrist

In line with the Swiss watchmaker’s commitment to excellence, every strap in OMEGA’s extensive collection is handmade from the most luxurious materials. Uncompromising manufacturing standards and quality control techniques ensure a consistent level of reliability. Everything you would expect from a brand like OMEGA.

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Switching out your strap is a fast and easy way to give your OMEGA a personal makeover. You can fix a strap to suit the season, the occasion - or even your ever-changing moods. It’s your OMEGA – wear it your way! Start your search now and discover the playful side of Swiss precision.

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“Feel free to experiment and have fun. Change your watch’s strap and reinvent its look.”

So many ways to change

OMEGA’s strap collection offers a choice of materials, from robust alligator leather to flexible fabrics. There are straps with shiny finishes, quilted textures and even perforations. A detailed search will also reveal a huge variety of buckles and clasps, in steel and many different kinds of gold.

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