Avant-garde allure

Avant-garde allure 1

An extract from OMEGA Lifetime - The Family Edition

New to the Omega family, the Trésor collection embodies nine unique watch models to complement the free-spirited wardrobe of the millennial woman.

The boundaries of fashion are constantly shifting. In fact, today’s biggest “rules” are about wearing whatever makes you feel fabulous and about celebrating individuality. A frothy ball gown and sneakers? A tea dress with “tank girl” boots? Sparkly slippers with your work wear? All perfectly acceptable for a modern fashionista.


When you take your first look at Omega’s new Trésor collection, that same balance of fun and luxury instantly shines through. On the one hand, you have the radiant diamond paving that curves seductively along the side of each case. Yet on the other hand, you have the satisfying and snug fit of a fabric strap, which gives the timepiece a relaxed and contemporary feel. In a way, it’s similar to pairing a slinky evening dress with your favourite pair of sneakers. There are no rules. Only the ones you make.

So how did Omega achieve this seamless combination of styles? The classic design elements were a key ingredient. After all, the brand has almost two centuries of heritage to call upon. In keeping with that spirit, the Trésor blueprint took inspiration from the brand’s renowned past. For example, the beautifully slim cases and elegant hands pay a refined tribute to traditional beauty. Some of the most famous women’s watches have come from Omega, such as the Ladymatic and the Constellation, whose statuses have predominantly been enhanced by graceful lines and time-honoured compositions.

But Omega also knows that classic style must evolve, which is why its Trésor is also immersed in forward-thinking ideas. Slick lacquered dials, luscious colours and graceful Roman numerals, combined with the aforementioned straps and tapered diamond paving, help to exude a fresh young energy that gives the collection its own personality.


Outside of watchmaking, the perfect representative of this free-spirited ethos is Kaia Gerber. Without a doubt, this newest Omega ambassador is one of the fastest rising names in the modelling world and, as the daughter of Cindy Crawford, Kaia is no stranger to mixing and matching a range of eras and styles. For her, elegant plaid skirts and chunky leather boots are natural companions – just one example of her typically unique approach. And for reasons such as these, Kaia has been selected as the ideal face for Omega’s Trésor watch.

Kaia perfectly embodies the millennial attitude of young women today. Just like the generation she represents, each Trésor watch has been crafted to express its own character. For now, nine models are available, including cases in stainless steel or 18K Sedna™ gold, while the diverse range of dial colours include black, taupe-brown, white, blue, opaline silver or mother-of-pearl. Leather straps are also available as an alternative to fabric straps.

Omega first used its Trésor name for a notable watch collection in 1949. Back then, the name referred to the “treasure” found inside that timepiece – the legendary 30mm calibre, which gave the Trésor a beautifully slim case. For today’s collection, the name has been reintroduced and the Omega calibre 4061 allows for a slim case yet again. But now, the “treasure” can be discovered in every small detail. On the crown, for example, Omega has added a single diamond surrounded by five Omega logos that combine to create a flower in red liquid ceramic. Another example of traditional elegance meeting modern innovation.

The finishing touch for the Trésor is a unique mirrored caseback. While it provides a helpful accessory, it also promotes the idea of reflection, reminding women of who they are and the natural, individual charisma they possess. It’s a neat completion of a watch that is all about the special qualities of the wearer.


Omega has always known that a woman’s true beauty is reflected by her character, her intelligence and her unique style. In 2017, the brand’s *Her Time* exhibition opened in Paris, displaying more than 100 years of heritage models and advertising. The world-touring exhibition shows a synchronised story of time and fashion, and how Omega has constantly adapted to evolving tastes.

For example, when short skirts and bobbed hair were all the rage in the “Roaring 1920s”, Omega ensured that its ladies’ Art Deco watches offered a wide palette of rich colours and bold shapes. In the 1950s, while many brands portrayed women in stereotypical roles of domestic duty, Omega was bringing elegance and personality to the fore, writing in its advertising that women were “just as active, sporty and busy as any man.”

Today, the fashion “rules” are clearly changing yet again. Or is that disappearing? There’s nothing to suggest that diamonds can’t be casual. Or that comfort can’t be beautiful. As a woman, you have the choice to convey whatever idea you want to. It’s both liberating and exciting. And, for whichever mood you choose each day, it may be helpful to remember that Omega has given you a watch that is just as distinctive and spontaneous as you.

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