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OMEGA and Apollo 13: 50 Years Later

Remembering the 14 seconds between success and failure

When an oxygen tank exploded on board the Apollo 13 mission in 1970, it plunged the astronauts into a truly perilous situation. Amongst the many challenges faced by the crew, was a 14-second fuel burn required to bring them home. Thankfully, they had a certain chronograph to help.

Relive the Rescue

Relive the Rescue

"Without digital timers, the Speedmaster played a vital role."

The legendary chronograph

Speedmaster Moonwatch

Speedmaster Moonwatch

Trusted by the astronauts on all six moon landings, as well as the crew of Apollo 13, the iconic Speedmaster Moonwatch has truly earned its placed in space exploration history.

Discover the watch

The Crew and Kit

The crew, commanded by veteran astronaut James Lovell, was destined for the moon. This was to be the third ever human lunar landing, and the next successful chapter of the Apollo project. Together with Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert, and Lunar Module Pilot, Fred Haise, the three astronauts were each equipped with OMEGA Speedmaster Professional chronographs – part of NASA’s official kit for all manned missions since 1965.

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